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  • Pushback operation and procedures performed by TaxiBot identical to today

  • Immediate taxiing after pushback eliminating bottlenecks in the gate area

  • Taxiing with engines stopped. Engines start shortly before take-off with respect to required warm-up time

  • Pilot is in control at all times (after Pushback) using airplane tiller and brakes (transparent to pilot)

  • Taxiing at 23 knots, same as current airplane taxi speed

  • No modification in airplane system

  • No need for APU replacement

  • No added weight to the airplane

  • No impact on NLG fatigue life

  • Pilots fully in control during taxiing

  • Improved traction on wet or icy surfaces

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April 2020

In cooperation with Air Traffic Control Netherlands (LVNL), the Ministry of I&W, Corendon Dutch Airlines, KLM, Transavia, EasyJet and handlers dnata and KLM Ground Services.


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  • Major saving in fuel consumption

  • Significant reduction of greenhouse gases

  • Significant reduction of noise levels

  • FOD reduced by 50%

  • Increased operational efficiency and throughput at airport gates

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