The TaxiBot is a semi-robotic, pilot-controlled towing aircraft undercarriage system. The vehicle tows the aircraft close to the take off point - without running engines. This process will be steered by the pilot.



The TaxiBot system includes the following major elements


  • Unique NLG interface clamping mechanism mounted on a “rotating turret” for :

    • Load alleviation during pushback, acceleration and braking

    • Transferring pilot tiller steering commands to the tug wheels via a steering control system.


  • For some Airbus A/C – ARINC connection to NLG additional plug


No additional weight carried by the airplane. 



Main TaxiBot advantages


  • No modification to airplanes systems

  • No extra weight and no reduction in cargo space

  • Insignificant pilot training based on CBT – same cockpit controls and pilot feeling as normal taxiing

  • Same concept for all NB and WB airplanes, same procedures

  • The TaxiBot is not using APU power to move the airplane, its carrying all required energy for the convoy (TaxiBot & airplane)

  • The TaxiBot provide major safety improvements:

    • Better traction and grip in contaminated taxiways (with Ice & snow)

    • Better operator visual contact with airplane wing tips during pushback

    • Intuitive maneuverability during pushback

    • No A/C blast in the gate area

  • Immediate taxi after pushback increases efficiency in the gate area



The TaxiBot Operator


  • The TaxiBot is designed for one man operation

  • In line steering provides excellent field of view of both wing tips during pushback, provides full over torque protection and immunity to Jackknife


Click here to download the Brochure (PDF)