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TaxiBot® proof of concept testing in Chateauroux airport, France (November 2012)



Lufthansa B737 captain:

"The system is great. The TaxiBot is self explanatory, easy to learn, easy to use.
More or less you feel like you have the engines turned on"



Air France A320 captain:

"It’s quite natural. You can taxi the plane without any training more or less"


China Eastern A340 captain:


"I feel really comfortable, especially with the slip-trail on the
runways and taxiways"



Lufthansa B747 pilot:


"A big advantage using the TaxiBot is on icy or slippery surfaces where traction is
now better and safety is increased when turning"


Major US airline pilot:


"My general impression was very favorable. TaxiBot is similar to taxiing the airplane
on its own power"


Major European airline pilot:


"It will take an average pilot about 5-10 minutes to get used to the system.
Overall its an intuitive system. I don't see any key training issues for pilots"



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