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Wide-Body (WB) TaxiBot

TaxiBot Prototype for Wide-Body aircraft at TLD facilities


For twin-aisle WB aircraft:

  • A330 to A380

  • B767 to B747


During the first quarter of 2010 a TaxiBot Demonstrator was evaluated by Airbus, towing an A340-600 test airplane in Toulouse, France.


During December 2010 and March 2011 a TaxiBot Demonstrator was evaluated by Lufthansa in Frankfurt, Germany, towing a B747-400 commercial airplane, in extreme weather conditions (snow / ice & -17°C).


TheTaxiBot Prototype for Wide-Body aircraft started its engines in April 2014.


During July 2014, it has completed assembly and started dynamic driving tests in TLD’s new facility in Sorigny, France


The TaxiBot WB prototype for twin-aisle aircraft was presented in inter-airport-europe 2015.

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