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SB certification campaign by Airbus in Blagnac airport, September 2021


 A320 Certification tests for TaxiBot in Toulouse Nov 2016

General TaxiBot Presentation June 2015

TaxiBot Operation in Amsterdam

April 2020


TaxiBot dispatch-towing of commercial flights Feb 2015

Lufthansa Commercial Flight   Jan 2015

TaxiBot Operation in India

November 2018

Captain Ulrich Pade - Head of B737 fleet Lufthansa Airlines  Feb 2015

Airport Days LEOS Sept 2015

Aircraft blockage at Frankfurt Terminal A
(Cul-De-Sac)   July 2014

Taxibot - Green, Quiet, Efficient

TaxiBot mission at Frankfurt Intl Airport 
Sept 2014

TaxiBot Demonstration   April 2014

TaxiBot Highlights June 2015

TaxiBot tractor taxiboting viewed from underneath the cockpit

TaxiBot maneuverability

TaxiBot movement at FRA   Nov 2014

Chateauroux performance & interviews
Nov 2012

TaxiBot tractor in PCM (Pilot Control Mode) viewed from the ground

Chateauroux interviews Nov 2012

Inter Airport Europe 2013

TaxiBot Programm Update

RAN Braier, TaxiBot Programm Director

Tim Velasco pilot TaxiBot video

TaxiBot Wide Body (WB) with Trailer
Aug 2015

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